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E.I. Weiner’s bookshelf:


Books/Publishing (Culture, Health, Humor)

  1. Co-wrote and photographed Hip and Hidden Philadelphia: The unexpected house in

      a city of tradition (Probasco Haus Press, 2012).

• Wrote and published the eBook Death... (Probasco Haus Press, 2009).

• Co-designed the poster “Something” (Probasco Haus Press, 2007).

• Wrote and published You Are So 20th Century (Probasco Haus Press, 2005).

  1. Co-founder and editorial director for the independent book publisher Probasco Haus

  2.     Press, 2005-present.

• Wrote The TV Guide TV Book (HarperCollins, 1992).

• Wrote Desktop Publishing Made Simple (Doubleday, 1991).

• Edited new revised edition of Childhood Symptoms (HarperCollins, 1991).

• Co-authored Medicine on Trial (Prentice-Hall, 1988; Pantheon, 1990).

  1. Co-authored Take This Book to the Hospital With You (Rodale Press, 1985; Warner

  2.     Books, 1987; Pantheon, 1990).

Newspapers & Magazines (Entertainment, Arts, Health, the Web)

• Copy editor/Letters and Op-Ed editor at the Philadelphia Daily News, 2006-present.

  1. Writer and editor for the prototype issue of Giving, a quarterly magazine dedicated to

  2.      philanthropy, 2004.

• Wrote “Cyberia,” a weekly internet column, for the Philadelphia Daily News, 2000-2003.

  1. Wrote “Incredibly Useful Sites” monthly column for Yahoo! Internet Life magazine,

  2.     2000-2003.

• Wrote weekly movie review column for TV Guide, 1990-1992.

  1. Freelance contributor of feature articles: theater/film/music/book reviews; personality

  2.     profiles and humor pieces for Philadelphia Inquirer, New York Times, TV Guide,

  3.     and many others, 1988-2006.

  4. Wrote and edited both Executive Fitness Newsletter and People’s Medical Society

  5.     Newsletter (Rodale Press). Also wrote/co-wrote and edited four monographs on health

  6.     and politics of medicine, 1982-1988.

• Features writer at Seattle Times, 1981-1982.

Courier-Post staff features writer, theater and film reviewer.


“Shabbas Goy” (2003), a one-act play for Philadelphia Fringe Festival.

“Gray Matters” (1988), a screenplay purchased by Paramount Pictures.

“Fresh Air” (1983), on-air film reviewer at WHYY, Philadelphia.

Internet (Corporate, Entertainment)

  1. Editor, website content provider for the American Society of Media Photographers; created

  2.     special section for ASMP’s 60th anniversary, 2003-2004.

• Senior Editor/Producer of the newly created TV Guide Online, 1994-1995.

• Writer, website content provider for Delphi, an early text-based Internet service, 1993-1994.


Public Relations (Arts, Education, Public Sector)

• Media liaison and strategist for the American Society of Media Photographers.

• Communications Director at the People’s Medical Society.

• Public Relations Director for Moore College of Art.

• Director of Public Relations at The Spectrum.

  1. Director of Communications for City of Camden, NJ, & in-house radio host at WCAM AM.


B.S., Temple University School of Communications and Theater

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Hip & Hidden Philadelphia


Take This Book to the Hospital with You

Medicine on Trial


The TV Guide TV Book

Childhood Symptoms


E.I. Weiner has written:

for newspapers, national magazines, newsletters, books and websites


movie, theater and book reviews; feature and entertainment articles; health and medical issues; celebrity interviews and obituaries; and pieces on topics ranging from

philanthropy to photography.

A little story about him:

As a newspaper delivery boy, he saved up his money and bought himself a typewriter so he could become a writer. How more Horatio Alger can you be?


E.I. Weiner is both a Philadelphian and a writer by birth. The legend goes that his parents would hurl magazines into his playpen when he fussed, instantly pacifying him and keeping him occupied for hours. He must have imprinted on the format because, since then, he has done nothing but write, edit and design pages. And he is obsessed with typography. Through every conceivable technology (except maybe stone tablets and woodblock printing), he has been forming words ever since he could first, well, form words.

From newspaper delivery boy to college journalism degree to newspapers, magazines and books; in both local and national publications (Philadelphia Bulletin, Inquirer and Daily News; New York Times; Seattle Times; Courier-Post; Rodale Press; TV Guide; and the Web), E.I. Weiner is a rarity among freelance writers in having made a living for nearly thirty years without having to write dreck in order to do so. His drive to write as well as his skill as a wordsmith appear to be limitless. Lucky us.