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Probasco Haus Press

Virginia Restemeyer


has been a student most of her life but also an artist and sometime writer. A bit of a Renaissance woman, she will try her hand at anything creative or challenging.

E.I. Weiner

(Editorial Director)

has been writing since he could first hold a pencil and has since adapted to every subsequent technological advance. He is an artistic soul and also an information junkie. Just ask him anything, anything at all.

Who We Are:


Please visit some of our other websites, displaying our interests, affinities and talents.


arslocii is about the pursuit and exploration of our design environment – landscape, art and architecture – as we travel about seeking, observing, absorbing and assessing. Join us in our quest for the ideal pairing – the perfect blending of object and site, man-made and not.

sculpturehead is a related quest, focusing on one of our objectives – finding and discussing sculpture in situ, whether it be specifically site art or placed art (or even special interior installations). We delve into questions of art as well as place and placement as we discuss the relationship and the balance of the two, a critical aspect of the experience.

what you bump into is the collected work, or oeuvre, of the sculptor who is one half of this publishing effort. A bit of a chronology and a pinch of history, this first-time aggregation of a body of work spans two decades and comes from the actively creative mind of this artist.


The underlying concept of everything we do at Probasco Haus Press is to provide the readers/viewers with a way of seeing new things, or old things in new ways — to help them see what they’re looking at, but differently. We find that the most meaning gleaned from life is from process, and would like to work our way through the process of origination and development to create an eclectic array of published works to be shared, consumed and savored by all. We will uphold the highest standards of the publishing industry and will do it in a way that we would want others to do unto us. Our mission, and we have chosen to accept it, is to challenge and surprise ourselves and, at the same time, you.


About Us

Fueled by an urge to create a cultural mirror of our time – one that might reflect objects and aspirations of merit that go beyond mere immediate gratification – Probasco Haus Press, a small Philadelphia-based company, was begun in 2004. We see ourselves as an artisanal operation, a publishing "microbrewery" creating a boutique product line based on the publisher-authors' combined educations, personal interests and passions (including the arts, architecture and design, humor and the city of Philadelphia), which we believe will also appeal to a broader audience. We are writers and artists driven by the idea that, despite everything, there really is something to crow about, and that picking up on the tradition of leaving little reminders of “intelligent life” is not a bad thing. We aim to add to the mix and hope to enrich it.