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It’s time. Something has to happen. Make something happen.

Probasco Haus Press,

since late 2004, has been a small startup trying to produce something that has merit for us and for you.

Our modus operandi is to create, to think, to learn, to keep striving and to follow our instincts and hearts.

This is our philosophy of work and of life, and that includes the belief that there should be no separation between the two.

This is our note in the bottle, sent forth to find a reader, a kindred spirit, a fellow traveler on this too-short path.

About Us

Life may be a joke. But Death...*

                                                         *...can be pretty funny, too.

Here it is!

A book about the coolest architecture

on the East Coast

Hip And Hidden Philadelphia:

The unexpected house

in a city of tradition

Yes, Philadelphia is old, and historic, and in many ways still defined by its Quaker reticence and aversion to appearing showy.

But there is more to the story.

Inside Philadelphia there is another Philadelphia, and it has been there for quite some time. This other Philadelphia is subtle and subversive; it has been the true sign of a different way of thinking.

It has everything to do with the essential building block of Philadelphia, the thing that makes it a city of neighborhoods and neighbors: the house.

See  the work of  some of the finest, boldest, most thoughtful, whimsical and singular minds who ever worked and lived in Philadelphia.